Warranty * Light Fixtures-Lifetime/Solar Panels-5 Yr/Chassis-3 Yr/1 Yr EVERYTHING


4 Panel System


This model generates 1340 watts with its 4 panels.  This creates more energy than it consumes during full sunlight.  This system is a great platform on which to add your security or sensors.

Fork Pockets/Convenience Hitch


The Heavy Duty fork pockets are constructed of 1/4"x4"x8" 5' long steel tubing.  

The convenience hitch is located at the rear center of each unit.  While not for towing on public streets, this is designed to assist in movement of multiple towers on the jobsite, event space or other closed property.

Hydraulic Mast


We have equipped all of our models with standard hydraulic lifting of the primary mast section.  This ensures the safest and most durable system available in a towable tower system.



The use of 100% Polyurea liner on the entire frame, undercarriage, wheel wells, chock storage and tow bar is just one more way we can ensure the best performing, longest lasting equipment you can buy.

Folding Tow Bar Option


Our Bulldog, Doberman and Great Dane models can all be equipped with an optional folding tow bar.  This is lockable in the stowed or towing position.  When in stowed position, this provides another layer of theft prevention.

Parking / Surge Brake


All of our models come with a standard parking brake.  When combined with the standard disc brakes, you achieve an unparalleled level of added safety.